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Joel Exposito Arteman Figueredo, professionally known as Cerbeus is an upcoming local Latin Trap urban artist born in Cuba and raised in Victoria, BC. Cerbeus has been an independent artist for 3 years, performing locally on Vancouver Island and in Vancouver. With influences by artists such as Bad Bunny, Drake, Ozuna and more, his love and passion for music grew into the eclectic mix it is today. Cerbeus completed a ten year piano study program with the Victoria Conservatory of Music and Theory in 2016 which provided a solid foundation for his composition and lyrical writing style. 
 Cerbeus created his unique performance name from the Greek mythological creature Cerberus: “The Three-Headed Hound -The Guardian,” a legendary powerful, dynamic creature that reflects the energy and fierce style of his music. 
 Cerbeus’ vision is to bring his Cuban Latin roots and Canadian musical influence together, and form harmony between two languages while using Latin rhythms with a mix of American trap styles. He enjoys writing lyrics in English as well as in Spanish and at times will mix them together to form a different sound, integrating both cultures together. 
 Cerbeus’s music very clearly reflects where he came from, his heritage, what makes his style unique, and what differentiates him from other musicians. He brings a full diversity of his Cuban cultural background to form a new sound and style that is clearly his own.

Fiesta Latina Folklore Dancers

Fiesta Latina Folklore Dancers

Fiesta Latina is a Mexican / Latin Folklore Dance Group, that likes to share culture through the art of dance. It is a group of people from different nationalities and backgrounds whose purpose is to preserve ethenic traditions of Latin America for future generations by sharing and performing traditional song and dance.

Fiesta LFD



Latino Comedy Show


Daniela Carmona

Cantautora, bailarina, actriz, y periodista Colombo-Canadiense.
Nacida en Colombia, creció en Nueva York donde empezó a cantar y a bailar. Daniela obtuvo su
licenciatura en periodismo y comenzó a trabajar en radio, televisión, cine y comerciales.
Actualmente vive y trabaja en el mundo del entretenimiento en Canadá y Colombia.

Colombian-Canadian singer-songwriter, dancer, actress, and journalist. Born in Colombia, she grew up in New York, where she started singing and dancing. Danielaobtained her degree in journalism and began working in radio, television, film and commercials. She currently lives and works in the entertainment world in Canada and Colombia


Natan J

Natan J is a Dominican reggaeton singer and rapper. He is currently residing in Vancouver BC where he is looking to introduce Dominican urban music. Natan is a father of an 8 year old aspiring actress. I have always been surrounded by music, in the Dominican Republic music is everywhere whether it be Bachata, Merengue, Dembow, Reggaetón, Salsa it is in our blood. Since I was a teen I have been dancing background for other aspiring Dominican artists, putting together dance crews and writing music. When I migrated to Vancouver BC this is where I began my own platform and started bring my artistry tou life which I am now known as Natan J. Music is my passion it is who I am. I am the happiest when creating my songs and bring my music to life. I am most confident on stage and writing music I am able to express what I feel and my creativity.


Based in Vancouver, Mesclanza consists in a group of very talented people from different parts of the world.

None of the members are originally from Vancouver but we
all met here. We come from Ontario, Italy and Spain. The mix of different cultures is key to the influences the band has.

They play rock, reggae, funk , latin and anything that can make
you to dance.
Mesclanza is a made up word that implies mixture.
Culturally and musically
Come to dance / vente a bailar / vieni a ballare!!



Brazilian Band from Victoria.
More info soon

Isabel Santos from Cuba Debora Ward from Canada

An aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed primarily to Latin American dance music.

Pablo Cardenas & The West Coast Cuban Orchestra

The West Coast Cuban Orchestra will perform a mix of the best contemporary and traditional Cuban music. This project was created in 2011 by the internationally renowned pianist Pablo Cardenas to keep the Cuban music roots alive while adding the influence of modern musical tendencies. Since they started they has been performing all around the best venues and festivals in the west coast of Canada.



Sebsan is a rising underground hip-hop artist from Victoria, British Columbia. Over the last 3 years he has experimented with upbeat melodic trap beats. His style is versatile and often blends genres with an underlying hip-hop influence. Notability, Sebsan has sold out venues such as The Victoria Event Centre and The White Eagle Hall. Since the beginning of his career he has amassed over half a million streams on his original music.

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